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Second Foundation, a Czech algorithmic trading company, strives to support talented master’s students in becoming world-class researchers in their field of study. We look for passionate individuals who want to get to the very top. We offer a scholarship of up to 15,000 CZK/month, so that students can fully devote their time to academic research.

Moreover, we are ready to support them in subsequent years, for example, by providing funding for their PhD at the world’s best universities. We want someone for whom the sky is the limit.

We will be also very happy to award the scholarship to young, talented and motivated people from under-privileged and under-represented backgrounds to allow them to fully reach their potential.

Targeted students.


  • a hardworking, determined (master) student,
  • on his/her way to become a world-class researcher,
  • willing to spend/devoting most of his/her time solving challenging mathematical problems
  • and is up to write an extraordinary thesis
Targeted students

Selection criteria.

A panel of referees will be established. That will select suitable candidates from the received applications which will advance to the second round. There, individual discussions will be held with the candidates, based on which the scholarship can be awarded.

  • Note that excellent study results is not a necessary nor sufficient condition to receive the scholarship.
  • There is no limit for the number of awarded scholarships.
What counts?
  • Ambition
  • Talent
  • Work rate
  • Special interests

How to apply.

for students at KPMS MFF UK

send us

    exam results Overview
    • SIS – all years exam results, bc and mgr (if applicable)
    • All years, bc and mgr (if applicable)
    Cover letter discussing
    • Why it should be you
    • Your personality
    • Your future academic career
    Scholarships were for the year 2022/2023 cancelled.

    since 2021
    4 supported students
    350 000 czk


    František Hendrych
    František Hendrych
    awarded student for year 2021

    František describes himself as an artist, a mathematician and a body-building enthusiast. After graduation at High School of Arts in Jablonec, he went on to study mathematics at Charles University. With little mathematical background, beginnings at the university were tough for František, but he made the cut in the first year and later, he became one of the outstanding students at the Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

    For his final year, he was awarded the Second Foundation Scholarship. That allowed him to focus fully on his academic work and develop a complex master thesis, which successfully competed in SVOČ 2022 and at the summer school ROBUST 2022. Further, his work gave foundations for a paper, which is being prepared for publication in a scientific journal, as well as for his upcoming PhD study.