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Technology company with mathematics in its DNA.

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About us.


We employ the brightest minds across disciplines from computer science to mathematics and economics to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems of energy markets. At Second Foundation, our quest goes beyond profit; it is about reshaping electricity markets to foster stability, reliability, and fairness, ensuring a more robust economic landscape for all.

We use science to predict future outcomes.

Our mission is to transform data into market-leading trading strategies through advanced machine learning and self-developed tools. While our team members come from diverse backgrounds, we share an endless curiosity for math and trading. We benefit from the unique combination of a technology company and a trading house.



As we aim high and grow fast, we’re looking for ambitious talent who embrace challenges and get excited by complex puzzles to solve.

We work hard, learn fast, and grow together. We believe the best ideas can come from anywhere and our flat hierarchy is a testament to this philosophy. Whether you’re on our strategy or engineering team, you will have a voice in what we build. Ambition is welcomed and innovation sets us apart.

Our people build the future of Second Foundation, and we’re hiring the brightest minds to join our fast-growing company. Recent graduates and industry experts with an analytical mindset, strong programming skills, and willingness to tackle difficult problems will feel right at home.


Empowered by our values.



We value those who go above and beyond to drive measurable impact. Results are rewarded. We celebrate the risk-takers who land upon a new idea or step out of their comfort zone to break the puzzle. Opportunities abound for those who consistently put in the effort and love to grow fast.



Every day when we come to work, we're ready to dive into a project and do it better than the last time. We are always raising the bar. With the brightest minds in the room, we're prepared to unravel seemingly unsolvable problems and walk away with powerful answers.



We care about the world we live in. We have the power to shape the future and build a better place for the next generation. We aim to make a positive influence in various aspects of our world by doing things the right way. This means holding ourselves accountable to our values ​​​​without compromise.



We are driven by ambition to solve the most complicated puzzles and respond to the urgent challenges of our time. It goes hand in hand with our courage and determination to come up with solutions that can change the way we produce, distribute and trade energy, or respectively, achieve excellent outcomes in other industries. It is fueled by dreams that are worth following, and backed up by a clear strategy, ethical considerations, and a focus on long-term sustainability to ensure lasting success.



American writer Isaac Asimov said: "The greatest weapons in the conquest of knowledge are an understanding mind and the inexorable curiosity that drives it on." We are always reading, listening, and discussing to explore different theories and strategies. Our passion for learning and finding inspiration from new modes of thought gives our work its edge.



We believe agility is an essential ingredient for our brand relevance. It starts with our mindset – we are thinking, understanding, and acting quickly. We are not afraid to take risks, experiment and, eventually, learn from mistakes. On every project, we are able to cross-function and collaborate from start to finish. All necessary resources and decision-making powers are available when required. At the end, the whole company can act faster, more resilient and more successfully.


We aim to become a global name in quantitative trading. Working with us means access to endless growth opportunities and the chance to solve exciting problems with a collaborative team. We are seeking high-performers across a variety of roles and experience levels to join our growing firm.

Quantitative Research & Data Science

We find order in chaos by employing statistics and machine learning algorithms.

We are a team of curious minds that want to understand how the world really works, and we use mathematical and economic principles to do so. Currently, our key focus is on cracking energy markets. The next goal is to immerse ourselves in other commodities and different domains like stocks.

Some of us hold degrees from Ivy League schools, some won international competitions in math or physics, but we all enjoy working in the team that forgets about all that and focus on the most important objective, which is the quality of our next idea, its impact, and having fun while we’re at it.

Engineering & Development

We are responsible for managing Sophon, our core technology platform. We love coding, but we’re not the biggest fans of writing. This is our team in a nutshell.


  • Eat our own dog food
  • Believe top talent leads to top results
  • Use the latest tech stack and automation
  • Have a startup mindset (without actually being a startup)
  • Have full ownership over our work: brainstorm -> code -> execute -> operate
  • Have a platform with 24/7 uptime
  • Are cloud native
  • Believe the sky is not the limit — the edge of space is

Investing & Trading

Trading is the core of our civilization. Staying informed of market activities is fast-paced and dynamic, and so are we.

We are the youngest team of Second Foundation and together we want to conquer the market. We leverage market knowledge, make quick decisions, and have fast fingers in order to maximize profit that we all share. If you enjoy probability games and camaraderie with fellow traders, the Investing & Trading team is the place for you.

We are constantly learning from market feedback and iterating quickly. Within days, your concrete ideas on improvement or new strategies can become a reality. Our Analytics and Development teams work tirelessly to give you an edge over our opponents.

Joining this fast-paced team will offer you valuable insight into exchanges with modern commodities for years to come.

Strategy & Operations

Every great civilization needs rules in order to thrive and sustain its growth.

We are here to support all aspects of the business, ensuring everything from Risk, Legal to Compliance is managed correctly. Our operational excellence goes hand-in-hand with the company’s reputation.

Everyday we have a new set of problems to solve. Our creative wheels are always turning.

On the Strategy & Operations team, you will refine processes that increase company-wide efficiency by coordinating across all departments and senior management in order to achieve our goals.


We offer internship opportunities and provide a rich learning environment to foster young talent.

We look for interns from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about math, innovation, and technology.