What we do.


We Create Liquidity Where There Was None

Our trading strategy goes beyond a zero-sum game. As one of the most significant market makers in the European spot market, we provide liquidity and add value by increasing stability, enhancing reliability, and reducing price volatility. Second Foundation steps in where markets falter and strive to ensure optimal functioning. Our fully automated algorithm embodies a deep understanding of the complex pan-European cross-grid capacities and option pricing for flexible assets. 


We Serve as Facilitators for Renewables

Embarking on the path towards decarbonization demands more than building solar panels. It requires comprehending and forecasting the dynamics of renewables and their impact on energy systems. Our commitment lies in deciphering and predicting the behavior of renewables, which is crucial for steering toward a sustainable future fueled by low-emission sources. 

We leverage our knowledge to maximize returns for renewable energy owners, providing them with greater financial stability and funds to reinvest in a green future.  

Advanced mathematics and insights from top-notch meteorologists enable us to see beyond the horizon, predict the behavior of renewables, and prevent an oversupply of power at times of excess wind and solar generation or insufficient power demand.   

Using our analytic models and trading platform, we can minimize the cost of integrating these renewable assets into the grid and overall energy markets.  

In executing these strategies, we pave the way for increased market access to renewable energy sources. 


We Balance the Grid Through Intelligent Data Platform

Around the clock, every day, the electricity grid demands precisionmaintaining the delicate balance between power surplus and shortage. Historically, coal-fired power stations, now in decline, held the key to this equilibrium. However, a new challenge emerges in the era of gradual decarbonization and the surging popularity of intermittent renewables—securing adequate, flexible energy sources and consumers to harmonize the grid and replace the big fossil power plants.

Here at Second Foundation, we possess the expertise to unearth numerous smaller, low-carbon energy sources and integrate them into an intelligent grid called Virtual Power Plant. By connecting the right playersthe battery parks, cogeneration units, and industrial companies – to the Virtual Power Plant, we open the electricity market for decentralized assets to benefit from new ways of balancing the grid.